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Impurity Standards Supplier

VEEPRHO LABS is involved in research of impurities synthesis, metabolite, impurity standards, intermediates, APIs chemical synthesis. We are headquartered in India with offices in Europe and USA. We have strategically developed our business model to ensure product quality and regulatory compliance in a very cost-efficient way. Our team works closely with clients to provide quick turn-around timeline.

VEEPRHO LABORATORIES PVT LTD a company with a focus on
 1. Impurity isolation from API or drug products by Preprative HPLC.
 2. Synthesis of Impurities/Metabolite.
 3. Intermediates and APIs, development and manufacturing a Compliance Analytical Lab.

Purpose of choosing this business is to provide the most critical service to Pharmaceuticals Industry, in the highly regulatory/ scientific environment, impurity/metabolite related issues and impurities/metabolites standards availability are time consuming and sometimes affects the project time line.

For US and European Generic players, time is the most critical parameter. They need to reach the market on time before further erosion of off-patent products.

VEEPRHO LABORATORIES PRIVATE LIMITED is an emerging, research-based global pharmaceutical company with diverse combination of skills, resources, and capabilities that provide the platform to perform effectively in today's rapidly changing healthcare environment.

The phenomenal business growth seen by VEEPRHO LABORATORIES PVT LTD in the recent past has been fuelled by the people we have, by the free and nurturing work environment we provide and by the support given through clear people-processes.

At the same time, there is a long way ahead with challenges for professionals in diverse functions. The organization is making a mark for itself across geographies and functional areas at a rapid pace.

VEEPRHO LABORATORIES PVT LTD has always firmly believed that its strength lies within the talent it attracts and retains. Whether it is through robust Performance Management systems, Formal Learning and Development processes or Career Planning Processes, the attempt is always to develop individuals who can build an aggressive, growth oriented environment.

If as a professional you feel the urge to face challenges head on and to be empowered to drive business, you are invited to be a part of us. You have to work for a company that's making a difference in the manner and rate at which business is carried out, making a difference through innovations in both the supply side and demand side processes; making a difference in scientific endeavor - ultimately making a difference in the lives of its people and society around the globe.

We are intent on making the most of ambition, enterprise and potential; both yours and ours, together.

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