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An autonomous research support company, Veeprho Laboratories Private Limited specializes in isolation and purification of impurity by preparative HPLC as well as the custom synthesis of complex molecules. Our client base is spread across the world, most of them being major pharmaceutical companies to whom we supply impurity standards with certification and characterization data. Our main aim is to provide organic synthesis services that are world class and at the same time provide value for money too.
Medicinal Chemistry Services at Veeprho Laboratories :
We offer a variety of services to support pharmaceutical industries to help identify and optimise pre-clinical candidates in the area of small molecules drug discovery. Our senior team members have years of experience in preclinical drug discovery in pharma industry. We are specialised in medicinal chemistry services, custom synthesis and providing innovative building blocks for pharmaceutical industry.

Our services include:
1. Synthesis of focussed libraries
2. Synthesis of Organic Scaffolds
3. Synthesis of NCEs
4. Custom chemical synthesis
5. Synthetic organic chemistry of all major chemotypes
6. Scale up to support in vivo efficacy and toxicity studies
7. Analytical method development
8. Commitment to achieve our customer’s goals

To meet our customer requirements and expectations, Veeprho teams provide tailor made research activities. Our discovery support services include providing medicinal chemistry service via FTE model. Protecting the IP and respecting the confidentiality of our customers are top priorities at VEEPRHO. Our commitment is to deliver the unsurpassed quality of service and products at competitive prices.

Our expertise lies in providing unique combination of capabilities to Pharmaceutical industry for Impurity standards, Metabolites, Intermediates and APIs.

We provide services to Pharmaceuticals industry having domestic & international clients. Our highly motivated professional team of scientists carry out various syntheses of Impurities / Metabolites, Intermediates and APIs with quality.

VEEPRHO provides core expertise in Chemistry to their valuable clients and their project demands. We rely on team of our expert scientist to unravel even the most challenging synthetic troubles.

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Client Testimonials
"While dealing with VEEPRHO LABS, I have found Venkat to be very well informed in his areas of specialization and is able to efficiently lead teams that develop for impurity isolation and impurity synthesis. His approach to every situation is systematic and scientific.

His excellent knowledge, dynamic leadership quality and vast experience make him an asset of his organization. I wish him all the success in his professional and personal goals."

-- Dr Sanjay Sonawane, Ex Sr Director-Analytical, SAI LIFE SCIENCES, Pune, Maharashtra, India.
"When we come in contact with VEEPRHO LABS, I found Venkat is instrumental in development and technology transfer of cost effective synthetic schemes of Impurity and impurity isolation.

His time management and project management skills are apt for any organization and he comfortably keeps those deadline without much hiccups. His people management skills are also appreciable. I wish him success for his future."

-- Dr Prabhakar Lahare, Ex Vice President–Analytical R&D, Alembic Research Center, Baroda, Gujarat, India.
New impurities added in the month of March
Ondansetron Impurities : Ondansetron EP Impurity A / USP Ondansetron Related Compound A, Ondansetron EP Impurity C, Ondansetron EP Impurity D and Ondansetron EP Impurity H

Cinacalcet Impurities : Cinacalcet EP Impurity A, Cinacalcet 6-Ethanol Impurity, Cinacalcet 6-Ethanamine Impurity, Cinacalcet 6-Ethanone Impurity and Cinacalcet Impurity I

Venlafaxine Impurities : Venlafaxine EP Impurity C

Darifenacin Impurities : Darifenacin Bromo impurity and Darifenacin Cyano Pyrrolidine Impurity

Quetiapine Impurities : Quetiapine EP Impurity G, Quetiapine EP Impurity P and Quetiapine EP Impurity T

Trazodone Impurities : Trazodone Impurity F / Trazodone Related Compound F and 3-chlorophenyl piperazine HCl salt

Bupropion | Hydrochlorothiazide | Timolol | Haloperidol | Piroxicam | Ganciclovir | Budesonide | Everolimus | Fulvestrant
Latest News
08 February 2018 : We are glad to announce that we have recently manufactured Venlafaxine Impurities like Venlafaxine EP Impurity C, Venlafaxine EP Impurity B, Venlafaxine EP Impurity H, Venlafaxine EP Impurity E, Venlafaxine EP Impurity G, Venlafaxine Impurity F and O-Desmethyl Venlafaxine / Desvenlafaxine . It is ready with data and confirmed with RT, RRT and RF.
08 February 2018 : We would like to inform you that Veeprho Laboratories is a qualified vendor for certified impurity reference standards. We have recently manufactured Trazodone impurities like Trazodone Impurity F / Trazodone Related Compound F, 3-chlorophenyl piperazine HCl salt, Trazodone Impurity A, Trazodone Impurity B, Trazodone Impurity C / Trazodone Related Compound C, Trazodone Impurity D / Trazodone Related Compound D, Trazodone Impurity E, Trazodone Impurity G and Trazodone Impurity H etc. It is acceptable to all regulatory agencies in the world like US-FDA, MHRA, MCC, WHO, Brazil and Japan.
08 February 2018 : We are glad to announce that we have recently manufactured Cinacalcet EP Impurity A, Cinacalcet 6-Ethanol Impurity, Cinacalcet 6-Ethanamine Impurity, Cinacalcet 6-Ethanone Impurity and Cinacalcet Impurity I. We are manufacturer and supplier of Cinacalcet Impurities with characterization data along with Certificate of Analysis (COA).