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Veeprho Labs is a fully integrated pharmaceutical company and we manufacture and supply over 1350 types of impurities worldwide. We do the complete synthesis of Glimepiride key starting raw materials (KSM), purification and isolation of Glimepiride impurities. We not only extract but also supply Glimepiride related compounds, Glimepiride potential impurity, Glimepiride intermediates and even Glimepiride process related impurity.

We perform all analysis by using 21 CFR compliance part11. Our expert team works towards finding new unidentified structures of Glimepiride impurities. We can provide Glimepiride impurity standards. We can provide impurity standards which is not available with USP and EP/BP.

Veeprho Lab supplies Glimepiride working standards and Glimepiride reference standards that are verified by quality assurance and regulatory departments. We also give you the COA (Certificate of analysis). For us our customer satisfaction is most important and we never compromise on quality.

If you are looking for any Glimepiride degradation impurity, Glimepiride raw material, API’s, or impurity standards for Glimepiride then contact us today. Call us on: +91-8275399263 or fill in a simple “Request a Call Back Form” to know more about our products and highly competitive quote.